Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mother of the Bride or MOB for short

All of you know (the all three or four who read this blog) that I am an MOB again. This time for our beautiful daughter Courtney. Read all about the romance and details of the engagement here. I have thrown myself eagerly into the grand production of a wedding. I really love bringing my daughters dream to fruition. I wish I could show you all of my creations.....but that will have to wait. Thoughts of late have turned to what to wear...hmmmmm. I could wear the traditional suit. (above).....or

If I were Stevie Nicks......I could add some scarves......belt out "landslide" or

Yes, its true this is a google image for MOB...PROMMMMM....AHHHHHHHHH

some sort of hybrid...prom, suit, and dead feathered animal...oh yeah, with a touch of sexy????

Please notice the use of coats. You'll understand it when you get MOB arms.


  1. motb arms whatever you should wear a bikini

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