Monday, May 16, 2011

Robinson wedding--its all in the details

My dear friend Lenny's son Doug married a beautiful girl last weekend. This family is so special to us. We first met them when my husband was assigned by our church to visit them once a month. Doug was about 7 and was intrigued with his middle finger. Pointing it up and down and asking his Mom what the implications might be. Much to their horror and our delight he decided to peek around the corner and try his finger out on their new home teacher. In addition to being a great Mom, friend, and teacher Lenny is very talented. Look at the fab couch I found for her on craigslist (my fav). Lenny made some terrific pillows and it was quite the statement at the entrance to the reception venue.
Game tables were set up and were quite popular. Competition, candy and conversation.
A lovely table was set up filled to the brim with little brass bells. As the bride and groom departed we all rang the bells and sent them on their way.

The wishing tree was a wonderful place to leave a note and read all of the others. Quite entertaining!

Lenny made these centerpieces with a candlesticks and plates from the dollar tree. Yes, girls, with paint and glue we might be talking about $2.26 per centerpiece before flowers.
Lenny's husband Ron is a collector of old cameras and they were on display next to some romantic pictures of the lovely young couple.

What an inspiration Lenny is. I love the details. I love her use of personal items. Mostly I love and believe in the use of items made by the hands of loved ones.

Friday, May 13, 2011

wedding season

Wedding season is upon us. In addition to our daughter Courtney's wedding we have about 12 more this summer. What fun. This week I, along with some dear friends, hosted a shower for the soon to be Bri Robinson. I got a bunch of white roses (is there anything better) and filled the room.
I made these love bottles using stencil, tape and paint. I used the word "love" but you could send any message you like. I'm thinking about "Its a Boy or Girl" and using a different colored paint. Really the possibilities are endless. I put a line of ten bottles across the food table. It turned out really cute.

We served french bubbly lemonade. I think I could drink one bottle on my own.

I broke out my depression era luncheon plates and cups.

Lastly, I made this wonderful lemon cake and was amazed with my success at recreating the rose effect I learned on an on line tutorial. There were lots of yummy deserts...some of which we are still eating. Great company, a beautiful bride, and fabulous gifts.