Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mob part two

Being an MOB is a complicated thing. One must be kind, gracious, organized, generous, and patient. I'm not sure that at my best I am that way, but lets add the life events of this spring.

Bride to be has a bad tummy ache that results in surgery.

Graduation of last child from high school. So long Monte Vista I bid you a bittersweet goodbye.

Plan a wedding for second to last child. Send out 500 invites (handwritten, of course, by ME)

Graduation of bride from Davis (teaching credential/masters to follow in March). No bittersweet and no goodbye.

Receive an order of 350 berry baskets for the wedding that are the wrong size. Send back/order new.

Announcement from third to last child that she and husband are expecting in Dec... Am I old enough for this?????? Of course I am. Though I'm sure while not wearing my contacts that I don't look old enough! Blindness does have its advantages. Need a crib, high chair and rocker. Pray for safety of Mommy and baby.

Start waking at 3am every morning. Get up in the dark and do things like rearrange the pantry and fridge.

Take FOB to the hospital in the middle of the night with pain. Add prayers that the kidney stones pass before the "big day" to the 3am routine.

Have 400 rsvp YES to the "big day" I'm not sure who all of these people like, but I'm pretty sure its not me. Re-adjust all of the orders to reflect the new total.

Take youngest child to Seattle to do orientation for her school. Learn to use the gps on my phone. Go on adventures by myself and discourage the advances of one creepy guy.

Have a large piece of wood fall on my baby toe. Ignore the swollen and sore toe for two weeks. Go to hospital and have the baby taped to its little friend. Waste of time and $$.

Pay vendors! Least favorite part of the mob job.

If you could see me you'd know. I'm a little pooped. Ten days til the big show!!

Its going to be GREAT! The bride and groom are lovely. The venue is charming. The food is wonderful. The love expressed by all of our friends and family is overwhelming.