Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Magnetic chalk board

I bought this UGLY framed picture at a local thrift shop for $15.00--just for the frame, of course.

I used the mat to mark an outline on the sheet metal I purchased at the Home Depot.

I used metal clippers to cut the sheet metal. I think if I do this again, Ill go to the sheet metal shop and beg, plead and pay to have the metal cut by a pro because it was a nasty job. Im not sure my hands have recovered yet.

I painted the frame red and used chalkboard paint on the metal,reassembled the frame and hung it on the deplorably ugly row of cabinets that run across my kitchen. I HATE HATE HATE that row of cabinets, but that is another more expensive project for another more prosperous time. Stop by and leave us a message! Love Love

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