Saturday, April 24, 2010

Local Girls Chocolate Pie Giveaway WINNER

Tara drew the winner--and its RANDI. I'm so happy that I doubled my projected participants in this contest. I'm touched that you all stop by. As for the winner, she is beautiful (see above), smart (my mom her 3rd grade teacher verifies), a loyal friend, a person of high integrity, honest, a person who keeps confidences, and person Ive learned a lot from. She's also working her toosh off in Nursing school! So proud of her.


  1. Yaaaaay! Love that the picture you put up is of me eating another chocolate dessert. Fat kid! You're awesome, thank you :) it would be even better if you taught me how to make it.

  2. PURE JEALOUSY. but wait I'm coming home tomorrow and that is almost as good as chocolate pie!!