Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to organize: beads, rings and sparkely things

foam board
old frame with mat
box cutter
glue gun

Disassemble your frame and mat

Use the inside of the mat to trace the shape onto the foam board. Keep in mind you want the foam board to pop out of the mat a little bit. Take your box cutter and run it over the trace line that you have created to fully cut the foam board. Take your foam board and place it on your fabric--cut that with enough extra to wrap around the back of the board. Use your glue gun to fix the fabric to the back side of the foam board. Glue the back of the foam board to the backing for your frame so it doesn't fall out the front. Use some cute pins to create a hook to hang your baubles.

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  1. Momsie this turned out SOOOO CUTE! I love you you talented mommy!