Monday, January 25, 2010


On Saturday the 24th I went to Costco—I know a Saturday….not too smart. It was in this decidedly not beautiful place, that I knew I wouldn’t be able to create a cheerful or beautiful post.


As I was waited for a parking place, I noticed a lady loading her car. It took her quite a while because she only had the use of one hand. The other hand was gripped firmly around Costco’s equivalent of a big gulp. She was unable to put it down and every few steps she stopped and took a sip. I took a look around and saw that many of the people leaving Costco were carrying drinks like iced coffees, smoothies, and sodas. I laughed to myself thinking about my Mom sending us to the hose when we begged to come inside for a drink. I know it WAS the 60’s but somehow we were able to survive and even thrive without a sippy cup at the mouth at all times.


Once inside, I was thrown into the masses being pulled along by the smell of free food. Honestly, I think some people go to Costco strictly to get a no cost meal in numerous one bite portions. I guess it’s kind of like tapas for cheap people. It really makes me sick (literally physically sick) to see a crowd of humans gathered at a sample table like cows at the troth. Add the shrill call of the food barker yelling about her product, and it was amazing I stayed long enough to buy what I needed.

What has happened to us? Have we all become so comfortable in having what we need that we go in search of what we want? Of course, it can’t be a view from a beautiful mountain or the smile on the face of someone we’ve helped….it has to the immediate gratification of the MOUTH!!! ARGGGG!

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