Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Happy Fathers Day

This is my favorite picture of my Dad. He found Tara sitting on a bucket talking to the lake at the end of the dock at their summer lake cabin. I snuck up on them and captured this unforgettable moment.

My Dad was a great teacher. He shared his thoughts in what I call DADISMS. here is a small sample.

"If you fly with the crows, you are a crow." A cautionary DADISM I heard him tell me as I waked out the door in high school.

"You can learn to be good from watching bad examples" This DADISM is tried and true. He practiced it in his own life.

"She looks like she's been pulled through a knot" An apt description of someone who is living fast and loose. Note to self don't get pulled through a knot.

"I'm a dollar waiting on a dime." Yes, my Dad was the dollar, I was the dime.

On Marriage......"I realized we'd be happy as a couple when I just made your Mom comfortable." Love this.

love love

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  1. yay grandpa!! I love his isms. I will always try my best to not look knotted!